Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pillars of Diversity Installed!

Facing northeast, with Martin Luther King Jr. Way in the background.
Photos from the 8/13 celebration, with the youth team, artists, community members and more! We heard from many partners in the project to honor Thurgood Marshall. Among them: representatives of Coyote Central (the nonprofit that supervised the project), Thurgood Marshall ES, the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, the two teaching artists and their 2 dozen youth assistant artists.

Teaching Assistant Jesse Bernstein performs during the celebration.

Student artists performed their group poem, authored with mentorship from Daemond Arrindell:
My Equality
My equality is smart and strong
It turns arguments into shaking hands
It feels like a warm blanket that protects me
Like waves hitting the soft sand
My equality sounds like voices standing up
Feels like a badge on my chest
Sounds like a promise

My equality is honest,
like a wall built by trust and pride and bravery
My equality takes risks and gives speeches and eye contact
My equality faces the hateful truth
My equality is not easy, it is dangerous

My equality is loyal and is a leader
It makes me a better person
My equality goes on even when the world is against it
My equality says
“stop – you’re no better than anyone else”
My equality feels like being respected
My equality speaks its opinion
It speaks out
It speaks up

My equality sacrifices for others
My equality is difficult to say out loud
My equality is an open window
It listens
My equality says
“I’m sorry”
My equality never gives up
My equality sounds like a bird in the wind,
Full of laughter
My equality looks like all shapes and colors
Climbing and rising

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pillars Rising!

The excitement is building toward Thursday's celebration at 12:15! The pillars are up! Thanks to Casey Sommers for the photo from Aug. 9.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Strong Base

Concrete forms on which the pillars and other elements will be attached

Can't have pillars without a strong base! (Shot taken 8/3/15.)

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Please join us as we celebrate the installation of the Hit the Streets youth art project!